Schema for Cable Guide - Create A Real TV Network

Dec 26, 2010 at 4:31 PM


I have a proposal for a Schema but I should say something about my backgound.

I own and control large blocks of half hour TV time on every NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX TV stations and I have bought half hour TV time since 1984 and syndicated my own infomercials, TV Series, Movies and programming of all kinds.

To understand what should be included in a Schema I must explain that what has always excited me about TV was that I could buy a half hour of TV time on ANY station in America and air anything I wanted to air. A typical half hour on any NBC, ABC, CBS, or FOX station at any time of day costs from $15 to $200 maximum. I should point out that 30 seconds of TV time costs up to 100 times MORE than a full half hour of TV time--this is the syndication model of TV and most people do NOT realize that half hours cost less than spots (2 minutes or less).

We are now on the verge of a revolution in television and there is a need for a FREE schema that will address the new way in which programming of all kinds will be delivered.

All of the manaufacturers of TV Sets have released Internet enabled TV Sets and I project that within 2 years 50% of the households in AMerica will have one of these new Internet enabled TV Sets.

This means that anyone can place video feeds on a web page and that TV viewers in their home can simply pick up the remote and watch any video feed....

I can make deals right now with dozens of broadcast stations to place links on my website to video files that can be streamed from their websites so it will not use my bandwith up an dthe stations will allow me to do this because they have pre-sold advertising into that video content with my company. So the ONLY question that remains is "Can we create a schema" that will work with a new design for a cable guide?

What detemines what most people will watch is the cable guide... so it is time to create a more visually appealing cable guide that utilizes a new schema for codifying information about the video file.

The group that first develops a new design of a cable guide and schema will dominate TV advertsing and distribution of TV programming.

My hobby is programming and I am happy for free to work with any group to develop a new cable guide....

Bill SerGio, The Infomercial King